A motivating solution


As demonstrated by many studies, physical activity has numerous benefits, which play an important role in health and well-being. In contrast, a sedentary lifestyle carries greater risks of illness and decreases life expectancy.

Our JustMOVE virtual shopping mobile app motivates people to move by rewarding and valuing them through a charitable program that encourages them to give back.

01. Social health problem


The rate of obesity amongst Canadians is increasing. Nearly 65% of people in Canada are now affected by this problem, which can have serious health effects.

The problem must be addressed because being overweight or obese is one of the most preventable risk factors for many chronic diseases, such as:

- Type 2 diabetes
- Heart and brain diseases
- Osteoarthritis
- Some cancers

02. A healthy lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and healthy eating, is the best way to prevent and promote a healthy weight.

Being overweight and even obese amongst adolescents is a growing concern, with significant physical, psychological and social harms.

The World Health Organization, which considers obesity as a chronic disease because of the negative consequences it can cause on health, mentions the urgency to act as soon as possible on this problem.

03. The financial impact


According to Statistics Canada data for 2016, in Quebec, an employee was missing an average of 12 days of work per year. Of these days of absence, ten were due to illness or disability.

The most recent report of the Conference Board of Canada estimates the cost of absences for Canadian businesses to more than $16.6 billion.

Motivational "Booster", physical activity and sports, which allows oxygenation of the brain, maximizes intellectual abilities. An employee exercising at least 30 minutes a day would earn an average of 12% more productivity than other employees, according to a study conducted by Health Canada.



The positive effects of the gift. In addition to supporting solidarity and helping others, the gift also brings real benefits to the donor.

Whether in Montreal or in the rest of Canada, associations and foundations need the generosity of donors. The money raised allows them to move forward. The gift itself also has benefits. Based on scientific studies, giving has positive effects for others, but also for oneself.

Concretely, making a donation generates pleasure and positive emotions, superior to the emotions felt after expenses for personal belongings. But studies go further and claim that people who do not give are less satisfied. In addition, the well-being provided is sustainable.